Geilo excursion

Have long dreamed of an exciting trip to a ski resort, but the choice is too huge? We recommend that you start with Geilo, a resort located 2.5 hours from the Norwegian capital. Trysil attracts a huge number of tourists who love extreme sports annually. There are all conditions in order to enrich the blood with adrenaline and crystal-clear frosty ai ...

trysil excursion

Moose Safari

The Norwegian city of Geilo is best known as a major ski resort. Thousands of tourists come here every year in order to immerse themselves into the atmosphere of extreme sports and adrenaline, going down the steep mountain slopes for skiing or snowboarding. But sooner or later we all want some diversity, we want to change our active leisure to more ...


Snowmobile tour

Most tourists come to Trysil to spend time on its mountain slopes, skiing and snowboarding. But we believe that every visitor to this ski resort must definitely inspect the city itself and its surroundings. But how can this be done as exciting and fast as possible if the vacation time is limited? The answer is simple. Book a snowmobile excursion! W ...